The Rhyno Power - Front Squat Harness allows you to lift the most weight with your front squats and ensure perfect posture with more resistance. Created with NASA invented closed cell foam technology and military grade metals. The mission for the Rhyno Power - Front Squat Harness design was to boost typical front squat methods and reduce the risk of injury to wrists/hands, shoulders, the neck and lower back while performing front squats. A great asset for any football team, powerlifter, CrossFitter and fitness fanatic, the harness also allows you to perform the infamous Zercher squat!


Founded by an active Firefighter in Austin, TX, the Rhyno Power - Front Squat Harness was borne of necessity. The ability to lift a full-grown adult in a life threatening environment to shoulder height is a requirement of the job and front squat training is critical to having the ability to do this. The Zercher squat is also one of the best squats to build the quadriceps and provide the explosive power needed on the job. But finding a way to do a range of squat exercises, including the Zercher, to isolate the quadriceps while reducing the risk of injury to wrists/hands, shoulders, the neck and lower back was seemingly impossible with older weight lifting equipment. With a combined 50 years of weight training and Crossfit, Rhyno Power set out to make the best Front Squat Harness we could imagine, build and use. 

We at Rhyno Power LLC fully believe that the best workout, no matter what your discipline is, starts and stops with squats. Every part of the Rhyno Power - Front Squat Harness is hand made in house right here in Texas. We take pride in the quality of our manufacturing processes and the results the Front Squat Harness provides.

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