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"I am constantly trying to find exercises that allow for my offensive line to get an edge on the competition. The Rhyno Power - Front Squat Harness has them increasing their lat involvement and building more explosive power. Without the worry of dropping the bar our internal weights have increased by 10%. I can't wait for next season."

Coach Dan, Katy (TX)

"I let the team know that I wasn't a big weight trainer but my P.T. suggested I do more squats and pushed for a front squat harness. The harness allowed me to do weights I was comfortable with and gave me confidence in keeping my form. I will definitely recommend this to friends."

Patty, D. Austin (TX)

"The Front Squat harness enabled me to lift higher weights with more reps. I appreciate all the advice you guys had for me. It was as simple as you suggested and now it is a critical piece of my routines. Thanks! Keep doing it right down there in Texas."

Johnny, G. Detroit (MI)

"I really like this. Good sizing and very well made. Have used for front squats, zercher, shrugs, calf raises. Works great for everything I've tried. Happy customer. Thanks."

Todd H. (USA)

"The RhynoPower FS-1 was a perfect match for us! Me and my new Front Squat apparatus! And it’s made solid as hell!!! So, for me 2 thumbs up!!!"

Johnny, R. New York (NY)

"I love this thing. Using the lower pegs to hold the bar definitely provides a shorter lever arm for your lower back to have to support heavier loads as compared to having a loaded bar on the back of your shoulders. I'm not saying don't do regular squats, but for people like me with back issues or a history of back injury, this is a godsend and still works your core too."

Matt, M. (TX)

"I gotta say I loved it. Instantly took the pressure off my back and was able to fire the glutes alot more."

Aaron, B. (TX)

"I love my Rhyno Power FS-1. I use it twice a week. I like the front squat high position and for doing calf raises, I use the lower Zercher position."

James, R. (OR)

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Rhyno Power
Rhyno Power
Rhyno Power
Rhyno Power
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